Where do the cars come from?

We locate and source our cars from the dry states of the USA and pay particular attention to ensure they are as original and rust free as possible.


How do the cars get to the UK? 

The cars are shipped using expert vehicle shipping specialists. 


How long does it take for the cars to reach the UK?

After we purchase the car in the US, it can take up to six weeks for cars to arrive. Please see our Mustangs for SALE page for cars available now and on the way.


Do the cars have an MOT?

All our cars are supplied with an MOT even though it is no longer a legal requirement. We think it is important.


Are the cars registered in the UK?

All our cars come registered in the UK. 


Can I view  the car before it has been registered?

Yes! Please contact us to book an appointment.


Are the cars taxed?

Yes, all of our cars come with 12 months Road Tax.


Do you offer part exchanges?

Part exchanges will only be considered for other 1960s Mustangs.


Can you arrange delivery to my home?

Yes we can arrange delivery in the UK. We can also help with export to other locations. Please contact us for details.


Are you able to help source me a specific model Mustang?

Yes. For the 1964 to 1968 Mustang Coupe market we can source specific years and models, provided you have some flexibility in colour and trim choice. Please contact us for further details.


Do you restore the cars yourself?

We bring over cars in very good to excellent condition. Occasionally we may bring over a car that needs light restoration and we use our network of reliable local contacts to carry out work as necessary. We like to improve minor cosmetics on the cars which are also carefully detailed prior to sale.


I'm looking for a car but do not have much experience, what is a good starting point?

We advise all of our customers to view several cars to really get a feel for them. It is important to prioritise what is important to you, whether this is solidity, originality, colour or features. We advise to do as much research as possible, read forums, articles and videos to gain as much information as you can. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call. 


Do the cars come with a Warranty?

We are happy to offer advice and support to customers after purchase. The cars do not come with a warranty.

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